Memorabilia Company Open Meeting at St Helen's

By Dave Dow | 11/02/2018

  • Swansea RFC memorabilia Community Interest Company
  • An open meeting for ALL WHITES supporters Sat 17th Feb. from 12:30 pm
  • Come and find out what is happening and join in

You are invited to attend and participate in an open meeting at St Helen's, which will take place prior to the home match against Cross Keys on Saturday 17th Feb. Proceedings will begin from 12:30pm. 

Saturday 17th Feb from 12:30 pm here will be a special meeting of the Memorabilia Company that is responsible for the historic collection at Swansea RFC.

The Swansea RFC Memorabilia Community Interest Company was formed two years ago as a not for profit community company, to look after, protect, catalogue and promote the wonderful collection of memorabilia that has accrued at St Helen's since the club moved there in 1876.

Much work has been done to catalogue and organise the many artifacts and images and the Memorabilia Company has plans to move this forward to a substantial degree.

The irreplaceable collection is part of the heritage of every Swansea supporter and city resident. As a Swansea supporter your input is relevant and you will wish to be better acquainted with the provisions being made to protect and enhance the collection and ensure its relevance and value to future generations.

There are many opportunities to find out more about the collection and to join in and be part of its restoration and enhancement and future display. Come along and find out more. The collection is second to none certainly in Wales, and is the envy of many in the rugby world. It is YOUR collection.

Come along and join us on Saturday 17th Feb to find out more.

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